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Organic Muslin Cuddle Me Swaddle Blanket


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  • 100% ORGANIC - Our swaddle blankets are made from only the finest quality organic muslin cotton and finished with non-toxic reactive dyes (all backed by GOTS certification).
  • ULTRA SOFT - Your baby will absolutely love the luxurious feel of our swaddle blankets. So much that you won't be able to go anywhere without them! The more you wash our blankets, the softer they get
  • OVERSIZED - Measuring an extra-large 47 inches x 47 inches (120 cm x 120 cm), our blankets make swaddling easier than ever before.
  • BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Our signature waffle stitch weave and lightweight organic muslin cotton combine to provide the best in temperature regulation. Keep your baby nice and cozy warm during the cold months of winter and cool when it?s time for summer!
  • VERSATILE - Use our swaddle blankets for more than just swaddling! Perfect to take everywhere you go and use as a nursing cover, stroller cover, burp cloth, playtime blanket and more!


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