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Cuddle Baby My Baby Can Brush ToothBrush


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Discover a way for babies to ease teething discomfort while gaining dental hygiene habits. The nubs and handle introduce your baby to a toothbrush. My Baby Can Brush have soft nubs to soothe sore gums, an easy-to-grasp handle, and a safety shield to prevent your child from over inserting.

Why brush baby teeth?
Even new baby teeth get covered with plaque so cleaning them will remove this sticky film and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Don't forget to care for gums too!
Gums also need to be kept clean particuarly during teething. Keeping gums clean can help avoid gum inflamation and pain caused when food and bacteria get caught under tiny gums flaps and infect the gum tissue.


•Designed with multipurposes
•bristles side for teeth brushing and back for fur clearing.
•Integrated anti-choke shied with safety guard to prevent baby swallowing
•Soft silicone is ideal and safe for baby to learn to brush joyfully
•Bristles made of food grade silicone
• soft and comfortable 
• Whole toothbrush can be sterilized with cap •ideal for traveling. 
•Age 3m+
•BPA & Phthalate free
•Soft, textured tip to soothe baby's gums
•Easy-to-hold with anti-choke shied
•Measurements (L x Wx H): 12.5cmx4.8cmx3.5cm
•colour - pink / blue

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